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June 20-22, 2001

This 2.5km-resolution METEOSAT-5 visible loop is centered over the Mozambique Channel. The storm, 21S, was only 90 nautical miles in diameter... a midget. At the beginning of the loop, intensity was estimated to be 25kts (T1.5), strengthening to 65kts (T4) as it acquired the 5nm diameter eye, then weakening to 35kts (T1.5) by the end of the loop. Some features to note: 1) the storm intensified over 24-25C water, 2) it's the strongest TC so late in the season for that basin, 3) the long cloud filaments orginating from the TC on JD173, and 4) the solar eclipse that occurs 1300-1400Z on JD172.
(51 frames, 4.5Mb)

JD171 : 0630Z - 1430Z
JD172 : 0530Z - 1430Z
JD173 : 0530Z - 1430Z

Date/Time Convention: YYYYDDDHHMMSS(05_map)... "05" refers to MET-5 and "map" refers to an image with a map drawn on it
Thanks to Karl Hoarau at Cergy-Pontoise University, France for the intensity estimates.