August 19, 1999

TD3 strengthens into TS Bret in the Bay of Campeche.
(11 frames)

August 20, 1999

TS Bret organizes and instensifies.
(106 frames)

August 21, 1999

Bret goes from TS to CAT1, CAT2, and finally CAT3.
(41 frames)

August 22, 1999

Hurricane Bret at CAT4 moves toward the TX coast and makes landfall as a CAT3.
(75 frames)
GIF Animation (2.09Mb) GIF Animation (8.15Mb) GIF Animation (7.29Mb) GIF Animation (6.16Mb)

Each date will bring up a satellite loop (JavaScript). The images are from GOES 8's visible channel, so you will notice the effects of sunrise and sunset at the beginning and end of each day. August 19 only contains frames starting in the afternoon, so it is the shortest loop. The other three days contain all useful visible images collected by the satellite. In some cases, this includes "Super Rapid Scan" (frames that are only 1 minute apart).

The native resolution of the images was 1380x900, but I shrunk them down to 1250x817 so they would load faster. These loops will still take a long time to load and will require LARGE amounts of memory to process!!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION. If you choose to download the GIF animations, be aware they do not include the Super Rapid Scan frames and are only 900x586 (to minimize file size).

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