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06 SEP 1415Z-0200Z
07 SEP 1415Z-0200Z
08 SEP 1415Z-0200Z
09 SEP 1415Z-0200Z

September 6, 2001

This 4km-resolution GOES-10 visible loop spans 1415Z-0200Z.
Gil is the smaller storm, Henriette is the larger more disorganized storm to the ENE of Gil. Over the next three days, the binary system will demonstrate the Fugiwhara Effect and undergo a vortex merger. At the beginning of this loop, Gil's intensity was 75kts (979mb) and Henriette's intensity was 50kts (997mb). At the end of the loop, Gil's intensity was 85kts (975mb) and Henriette's was 55kts (994mb).
(42 frames, 13.5Mb, Data processed at CSU/CIRA)

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