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06 SEP 1415Z-0200Z
07 SEP 1415Z-0200Z
08 SEP 1415Z-0200Z
09 SEP 1415Z-0200Z

September 7, 2001

This 4km-resolution GOES-10 visible loop spans 1415Z-0200Z.
Gil is the smaller, stronger, southern storm; Henriette is the larger, weaker, northern storm. During the day, the storms come within 5 degrees of each other and vortex interaction begins as evident in the banding between the two cyclones. At the beginning of this loop, Gil's intensity was 75kts (979mb) and Henriette's intensity was 45kts (1000mb). At the end of the loop, Gil's intensity was 65kts (987mb) and Henriette's was 40kts (1002mb).
(42 frames, 13.5Mb, Data processed at CSU/CIRA)

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